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About CYBID:

We develop specialized software and expert systems that effectively support incidents data collection, creation and analysis of the documentation, reconstruction of the events and identification of their causes. 

Our primary goal is continuous development and the creation of technologically advanced solutions that enable the reconstruction of the most probable and closest to reality scenario of the incident. 

Proper identification of the cause of a road accident, random event, or criminal incident leads to increased effectiveness of preventive actions, enhanced crime detection, and efficient improvement of safety standards. 

Our solutions are used by:


,,They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.``

Alan Alexander Milne


Software designed for preparing documentation from road accident scenes. Tools that facilitate and accelerate the process of preparing situational plans, creating multi-variant simulations, and analyzing data. CYBID


Software enabling the representation of crime scenes (both indoor and outdoor) in the form of sketches, cross-sections, and 3D visualizations. Event analysis and scenario simulations. Support for handwriting analysis in document expertise.


Software designed for processing photos into metric orthophotos or 3D models. They ensure efficient (not just visual) utilization of information captured in photos for technical analysis and visualization.


The ability to purchase measurement instruments allowing for the recording and digital reconstruction of trace positions along with the geometry of the surroundings. Diverse measurement and documentation technologies. Support from specialists in selecting the appropriate equipment.


The company Cybid provides specialized measurement services. We have modern equipment, software, and experience. We handle process experiments, event documentation, as well as projects related to archaeology, surveying, investments, industry, etc.

Leica Geosystem
Satlab Geosolution